Insecurity (# A to Z Challenge)

Life changes,
People change faster,
Dynamics of relationships change overtime.

She bloated on uncertainty,
and I stood stagnant and floating,

The entire world forged ahead of me,
whereas I still grasped for breath.
Holding onto the barricades of memories,
not ready to let go.

She reached our journey’s end,
for a new beginning,
I still waited cringing,
With no signals of her return…

She left behind the countless,
moments of nostalgia,
black and white,
as the only left over’s.

That’s when I realized, “It’s an end to our story, but start of her new beginning.”


27 thoughts on “Insecurity (# A to Z Challenge)

  1. Visiting from A to Z. Not really a poetry fan, but I found myself just strolling through your work. I like it, and I am intrigued by the title of your blog. Naughty Innocence? That’s a little oxymoronic isn’t it?

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  2. What a wonderful poem.

    I’m currently writing about insecurity so it’s nice to get some inspiration from other blogs. I really enjoyed reading your poem and the beauty that insecurity can bring. Pretty amazing..

    Keep it up !

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    1. Hey, that’s really sweet of you… 🙂 it feels good to be appreciated! Glad u got inspired from my poem. I recently started my YouTube channel. Would be really happy to know your precious comments 🙂

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