Blind Spot.. (#Photo Challenge)

Hey Guys, I have come up with yet another photo challenge. 🙂 Hope you guys like the click. This is a beautiful coincidence of nature and man, which has been clicked by me in “Bali”. The scrumptious dinner was accompanied with the breath taking sunset on a bounty cruise. Nothing can get better when the cloud intents to show off its shades. Blind spots are … Continue reading Blind Spot.. (#Photo Challenge)

First Rose (# Photo Challenge)

Hola Peeps! Hope you guys have been doing great. Finally back here into wordspace after two long months.!! Thou art color, O my beloved! pure as milk white. Thy vibrant love radiant’s the dazzle to turn pale heart, into ambit of colors. these fireflies of dreams await to meet thy life. Regards PratZ This post is extremely special for it’s context and subject. This rose … Continue reading First Rose (# Photo Challenge)

Just wanted to be Loved……

Your warmth, Turning into fire, Burning us, Vanishing our existence together…. Just wanted to be loved, But you left me like a flickering candle, Loosing myself in the dark shadows… Feels like a book, Looking old and crumpled, Filled with your disguised scripts, Written in invisible ink, Just wanted to be loved, Yet left me empty and torn, Unbinding the glue of togetherness … Roaming … Continue reading Just wanted to be Loved……

Wonder Ink

Musings of the past, peek at the feathered quill to plunge into the cobalt waters. Waiting to lash out her overwhelming thoughts. Of the crimson soul on to the empty parchments. She glared down, with teary eyes, like a pearl drilling down, the embedded aisles of the cheeks, Cobalt turned pearl like tears, Fell onto the papyrus, Soaking and Absorbing the vaccum, Extensive static pressure shredded … Continue reading Wonder Ink

Morning Mist

The cuckoo’s chirp of early rise, The pendulum’s tick tock, welcome the dawn, with nature’s chillum. She snuggled under the blanket, to cover her delicate body, in the fogs, Of the winter mornings, Her body resists, to bid a goodbye to the chilly nights, like a sweet hibernation, and a cozy attire, She succumbed to the weather, to the musical beats of breeze, With fragrance … Continue reading Morning Mist

The ghost within..

Under the quater crescence, she wandered unescorted, in a desolated mansion, made of chipped bricks, appeared to be old and dilapidated, with full grown creepers, hanging on to the new abode.. Lights fading off, As she walked down the dark aisles, forging ahead with fragmented steps, evading trips and falls, on the ramshackle… drapped in long white gown, and held a lantern like a nightingale, … Continue reading The ghost within..