Blind Spot.. (#Photo Challenge)

Hey Guys,

I have come up with yet another photo challenge. πŸ™‚ Hope you guys like the click.

This is a beautiful coincidence of nature and man, which has been clicked by me in “Bali”.
The scrumptious dinner was accompanied with the breath taking sunset on a bounty cruise. Nothing can get better when the cloud intents to show off its shades.

Blind spots are like missed opportunities. The opportunity has knocked your door, but you didn’t care enough to open it and explore your options. Don’t miss them, because every bit matters.

Do share your thoughts! πŸ™‚

A blind spot is a missed opportunity.

All along he walked alone,
and begged god, ” Why don’t you show me a path.?”

Lord Sun answered his prayers,
and blinded his path with brightness.

But his soul was dark enough to not see the light.


16 thoughts on “Blind Spot.. (#Photo Challenge)

  1. lovely click……..and beautiful thoughts…….we really need to open our eyes and look. Even if you stumble upon a great opportunity, you might not realize until you actually, consciously try, to see, with open eyes.

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