Fear (A to Z Challenge)

She wore the darkness within, and it saw everything with blindfolds. Hitched to the tinted thoughts, onto the meandering paths of life. Her palpitating heart, drips the salts that bowl down the barren cheeks, She felt the freefalls in her tummy, At the thought of loosing something unknown! She contemplated over cynical thoughts, making her anticipation count as fears. With unconfined and unknown consequences, of … Continue reading Fear (A to Z Challenge)

Feeling to Travel : Is it just me or even YOU???? (# A to Z Challenge)

I need a way, A way out, to escape. The closing walls, that suffocates every breath of mine, Feels like drowning, into the deep oceans. Unleash my heart, To feel the liberated “me”, From the wounds of the past, and ties of the present. Feels like Running, only to never stop. To chase wild dreams, And live a life like a traveler. Left behind the … Continue reading Feeling to Travel : Is it just me or even YOU???? (# A to Z Challenge)

Shining Star (# A to Z Challenge)

It was another normal day for the Mishra family to travel late evenings at Kolkata, scouting through the peak hours of the bustling junctions of Howrah Bridge. They make their way out through the narrow lanes in painted cabs of yellow and white. Mumbling with restlessness, yet waiting for the traffic to fade out. Momentary loss of time, made them opt for footsteps over the … Continue reading Shining Star (# A to Z Challenge)

Welcome to the Mid 20’s Crisis (# A to Z Challenge)

Lets face the facts; we have reached an age of where we are legally considered adults. It’s a True story of every Indian in Mid 20’s. Since our inception into this world, a warmth hand held my nibble fingers to walk us through the plains and potholes. Not letting off the hook, afraid! That I may fall off the hook that said, “We trust you, … Continue reading Welcome to the Mid 20’s Crisis (# A to Z Challenge)

Joyride (# A to Z Challenge)

She held her breath, that raced the fast and furious train. Cutting across life, to embrace the winds. Her hand held out into the daybreak, to kiss the sunlight, that brought life to a frozen soul, under the boulevard of clouds. Perhaps! the mild, yet the fake and momentary tempests cuddled with her dusky hair, like a midas touch. Her soul sang and danced in … Continue reading Joyride (# A to Z Challenge)

Insecurity (# A to Z Challenge)

Life changes, People change faster, Dynamics of relationships change overtime. She bloated on uncertainty, and I stood stagnant and floating, The entire world forged ahead of me, whereas I still grasped for breath. Holding onto the barricades of memories, not ready to let go. She reached our journey’s end, for a new beginning, I still waited cringing, With no signals of her return… She left … Continue reading Insecurity (# A to Z Challenge)