Small things ? Not really….

Hey, It’s been a while since i blogged something. But here’s the good news, i got happily married on the 10th Feb, 2017. Since then, i have been dealing with all the changes of my life. Looks like I’m counting the “First time” experiences and surprises that serve my way each day. Small things? She cradled the baby, through the night with a smile. held … Continue reading Small things ? Not really….

Shining Star (# A to Z Challenge)

It was another normal day for the Mishra family to travel late evenings at Kolkata, scouting through the peak hours of the bustling junctions of Howrah Bridge. They make their way out through the narrow lanes in painted cabs of yellow and white. Mumbling with restlessness, yet waiting for the traffic to fade out. Momentary loss of time, made them opt for footsteps over the … Continue reading Shining Star (# A to Z Challenge)

Welcome to the Mid 20’s Crisis (# A to Z Challenge)

Lets face the facts; we have reached an age of where we are legally considered adults. It’s a True story of every Indian in Mid 20’s. Since our inception into this world, a warmth hand held my nibble fingers to walk us through the plains and potholes. Not letting off the hook, afraid! That I may fall off the hook that said, “We trust you, … Continue reading Welcome to the Mid 20’s Crisis (# A to Z Challenge)

Arranged Marriages, what a pain? :P

As the wikipedia defines “Arranged marriage is a type of marital union where the bride and groom are selected by a third party rather than by each other.” I beg to differ slightly with the above statement. “It is a martial union where the bride / groom are subjected to multiple and extreme anguish to face many counterparts along with their respective parents under socially … Continue reading Arranged Marriages, what a pain? 😛

Prose 2 # Whispering memories of black and white

She looked torn apart in the war against life. Her innocence was lost in freckles and folds on her cheeks, telling me of her age. Those shrinking eyes, tired and gloomy with the lost spark of joy. She stood alone in the empty lobby with zero sign of presence and sighing with her chappy lips. Glancing in hesitation for familiar faces in the garden across the … Continue reading Prose 2 # Whispering memories of black and white

Prose 1 # one early morning..

As I wake up, watching you curled and wearing an innocent smile. Maybe mesmerised by beautiful dreams. Visibly fresh and young blood flowing under your skin. paints you with cherry like blush. A peek inside, look at you! resting like a golden egg in her secret nest, makes me want to playfully, slide my lips on your pulpy cheeks. Hesitating to touch your warm skin. … Continue reading Prose 1 # one early morning..