Feeling Caged?

Bird Nightmare
Bird Nightmare

She was a puppet
held in the tight
clutches of the chains
tied up as a captive?
Or a slave?

The agitated soul
was left deserted
in the cage like invisible walls,
that was caving her in
with shredded remains.

Her feet stumped
under the wired mess.
Ceasing her flight
each time she tried.

She whined and squalled with tears,
That dried up with the wait!
She tried! & yet again.

But her fluttered wings,
seemed powerless and bruised
To ease the grip
of the iron maiden.

But she never succumbed to defeat,
And nested her fears
On the oasis of hope.

She quoted,
β€œthat one day she will
spread her wings to fly
in a land of no bars.”


26 thoughts on “Feeling Caged?

  1. Shackles, sometimes even the invisible ones, are the scariest. But then, the brave heart that continues to hope is what pushes one beyond the horizon. You can never cage a free mind and heart.
    Beautifully written. The struggle, the hope, the grievance of being caged.
    You may look at a small poem I tried on flying (one who can’t be caged. Not good at poems though :D) Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

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