Living roots Bridges of Meghalaya!

Hey there ! Sharing a glimpse of nature from my recent trip of Meghalaya! πŸ™‚ “Man made bridges grow weaker as clock ticks.Whereas living roots grow stronger over years.” Nature is on the upper hand to make or break life. We fail to appreciate it’s wonders. Regards PratZ Continue reading Living roots Bridges of Meghalaya!

Small things ? Not really….

Hey, It’s been a while since i blogged something. But here’s the good news, i got happily married on the 10th Feb, 2017. Since then, i have been dealing with all the changes of my life. Looks like I’m counting the “First time” experiences and surprises that serve my way each day. Small things? She cradled the baby, through the night with a smile. held … Continue reading Small things ? Not really….

Love And Loops!

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Here is a collaboration with one of my dearest friends Pratyusha Kapilavai aka Pratz ❀? I hope you guys like it. πŸ™‚ Have a visit to her WordPress blog?naughtyinnocence?☺ ​ “Love is like being on loops, And knocking several doors. Unless someone opens their heart Like doors for you forever.” -Pratz “Once the door of love opened, Presents the heaven… Continue reading Love And Loops!

happy birthday my dearest ones.

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MY PRATZ….. Words fall short,I feel blank,because I am not sure if words can provide as an apt medium to describe her.Her care affection,her character personality ,her lovely charm lurking in her voice sets her apart.My bugsie,my sister, my best friend, my best buddy who in spite of her busy schedule and work load finds time for me.Simply every second she… Continue reading happy birthday my dearest ones.

Feeling to Travel : Is it just me or even YOU???? (# A to Z Challenge)

I need a way, A way out, to escape. The closing walls, that suffocates every breath of mine, Feels like drowning, into the deep oceans. Unleash my heart, To feel the liberated β€œme”, From the wounds of the past, and ties of the present. Feels like Running, only to never stop. To chase wild dreams, And live a life like a traveler. Left behind the … Continue reading Feeling to Travel : Is it just me or even YOU???? (# A to Z Challenge)