3 Day Quote Challenge : Day 1

Heya Peeps, So, Here I am finally taking up challenges. My sweet little sister “Anagha” and a wonderful blogger “Voiceofstranger” have nominated me for 3 Day Quote Challenge. PS: Do check out their wonderful poems and posts!! They are just mind boggling. Quote 1 : Day 1 My nominations for the Challenge are: https://simplyteenblogger.wordpress.com https://mrudulab.wordpress.com https://ametalk.wordpress.com/ Regards, PratZ Continue reading 3 Day Quote Challenge : Day 1

Confused (# A to Z Challenge)

Thats precisely my state of mind most of the times! πŸ˜€ Don’t know if anyone ever quoted, “Always Believe your first intuition” πŸ˜› When I am stuck with making certain important decision making, my mind pop’s up with series of options and possibilities. It’s a logical permutations and combinations of the heart and the mind. In my case, I always end up opting the wrong … Continue reading Confused (# A to Z Challenge)