Happiness (# A to Z Challenge)

Achievement and success i hear around, are how happiness and joy is found. Happiness is a feeling i say, felt in so many ways, If only a little attention to simple things one pays. Joy of a cool breeze soothing your eyes. liberation of getting drenched in the heavy rains. Warmth of the morning sun on your skin. Thrill of watching thunder in the clouds. … Continue reading Happiness (# A to Z Challenge)

Give me a reason to hate you (# A to Z Challenge)

Days merge into nights As I sit here with no one but myself Loneliness looming over the room Like a dark rain cloud Making me claustrophobic; Thoughts, so palpable, Swirl around you A tornado sucking the life out of me; No one speaks No one but a voice My companion of late; Tells me something Which makes no sense And all the sense in the … Continue reading Give me a reason to hate you (# A to Z Challenge)

Confused (# A to Z Challenge)

Thats precisely my state of mind most of the times! 😀 Don’t know if anyone ever quoted, “Always Believe your first intuition” 😛 When I am stuck with making certain important decision making, my mind pop’s up with series of options and possibilities. It’s a logical permutations and combinations of the heart and the mind. In my case, I always end up opting the wrong … Continue reading Confused (# A to Z Challenge)

Bull’s Eye (# A to Z Challenge)

Life darted a bull’s eye through darkness… It’s the Natures aura if i may call, captured and perceived by me. Our life is just like the tinted colours of nature.This image depicts the roller coaster emotions like grey, dark night and hope. It’s a vicious cycle, where we go through depression and sadness, but there is always a ray of light at the end of the … Continue reading Bull’s Eye (# A to Z Challenge)

All of Me – Song 4 (# A to Z Challenge)

Hello Peeps, Hope you guys are geared up for the A to Z Challenge. Here’s the first post of the challenge. All the best and hope you guys will survive it all. Love is the best feeling in this world. And John Legend’s version of All of Me explicitly depicts this feeling in a way inexpressible. So here it goes, this is my version of … Continue reading All of Me – Song 4 (# A to Z Challenge)