Wonder Ink

The wonder ink
The wonder ink

Musings of the past,
peek at the feathered quill
to plunge into the cobalt waters.

Waiting to lash out
her overwhelming thoughts.
Of the crimson soul
on to the empty parchments.

She glared down,
with teary eyes,
like a pearl drilling down,
the embedded aisles of the cheeks,

Cobalt turned pearl like tears,
Fell onto the papyrus,
Soaking and
Absorbing the vaccum,

Extensive static pressure
shredded the feathered quill,
coaxing it to break
and made an invisible,
scar to the emptiness……

Yet she said everything,
with wet fossils of her tears,
on to the magical papyrus…

I wonder what made her to stop ??


73 thoughts on “Wonder Ink

  1. The opening lines paint such a vivid picture of the anticipation of and giving into the urges to write. I love the metaphor for ink – cobalt waters – and the image of visualizing the ink splashing on the parchment. And how hear wrenching those absorbed tears and invisible scar. Your writing has texture that only the heart can feel through the eyes’ rendering of your pen. Beautifully written.

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