Morning Mist

Morning Mist

The cuckoo’s chirp of early rise,
The pendulum’s tick tock,
welcome the dawn,
with nature’s chillum.

She snuggled under the blanket,
to cover her delicate body,
in the fogs,
Of the winter mornings,

Her body resists,
to bid a goodbye to the chilly nights,
like a sweet hibernation,
and a cozy attire,

She succumbed to the weather,
to the musical beats of breeze,
With fragrance of fresh dew,
And green grass,

Deferring the buzzing alarms,
of the clocks,
and abate the disturbances,
to continue her drowse,

after a while…

She rose from her nest,
stretching her frame,
to shake off the laze,
and start a new day!

and she froze…

when she glanced at the clock!!
striking a pose at 9:00 AM
Yet again! She was late for work.


So, how often do you get late to work ?:P

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