The ghost within..


Under the quater crescence,
she wandered unescorted,
in a desolated mansion,
made of chipped bricks,
appeared to be old and dilapidated,
with full grown creepers,
hanging on to the new abode..

Lights fading off,
As she walked down the dark aisles,
forging ahead with fragmented steps,
evading trips and falls,
on the ramshackle…

drapped in long white gown,
and held a lantern like a nightingale,
Casting sharp contours,
on the bricked walls,
her musings, hidden behind the tints of dark shadows….

She heard her name being called,
from within the walls,
like multiple whispers,
calling in rhymes to the music of her anklets,
She got absorbed in the vaccum of voices,

And woke up startled,
to the ringing bells of the school…
and alarming calls of the teachers…

Pratyusha K.


50 thoughts on “The ghost within..

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      Congratulations on your next award.

      Definitely will revert. Today is the day to revert back on all the awards πŸ˜›
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