Sisters I never had :D

So here’s a special post by a guest blogger by Bhavya Mishra. 🙂
It’s a heartfelt rendition for the sisters!!!
This is nothing less than an award of love for me 😛
Love you loads honey bun. Always stay happy!!! Muahhh

Here’s the surprise for You Jennifer !!!!!! Keep your tissue papers ready Jen !! 😀
P.S. : Do check out their amazing and marvellous blogs 🙂

We sure are sisters by Soul
We sure are sisters by Soul

Hello everyone.. Soooooo Pratyusha(P.. as i call her) asked me to write something for her blog months ago and being the lazy mess i am i kept her waiting for so long..(sorry for keeping you waiting and thank you being so patient with me love). Let’s get started.

Sisters.. i have read so many quotes about sisters and how precious they are.. i never really knew what it meant or how it felt to have a sister..or in my case to have two sisters.. My P and my Jennifer..they are the family that i chose and thank god they chose me. I can never thank god enough for sending these two amazing woman in my life. Now i know how it feels to have sisters who love you unconditionally..they will call you in the middle of the night and listen to your endless emotional breakdowns over and over again..they will do anything to cheer you don’t need to pretend to be okay or to be someone else..they never judge you.. you don’t have any secrets from them.. they will love you just the way you are..they laugh with you..they cry with you.. Jennifer and Pratyusha are the blessings i got from god.. Thank you loving me girls..thank you for being there and tolerating me.. i know i drive both of you crazy but hey that’s what sisters are for..never walk away from me..i will be doomed.. l love you both soooooooooooo much.. mmwwwaahh


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