Song 5 : Love Story ft PratZ

Hello Folks,

Here’s my fifth upload on Blog!!!

So this song is very special to my heart.
Love Story by Taylor Swift. She sure is one of my favourite singers.
This song narrates a story which every girl aspires to fall into.
And hopes someday, it turns into reality for them.

Enjoy and would really appreciate Β honest reviews.

Listen to Love story ft prats.mp3 by kapilavai pratyusha #np on #SoundCloud



43 thoughts on “Song 5 : Love Story ft PratZ

      1. Really ?
        I bet I heard more number of times than u did and any song of TSwift apart from the last 5.
        I haven’t met any girl in my circle who listens to TSwift so much

        So where are those girls
        Just dreaming like her
        And even if they do

        Why do u forget there is always a Romeo required to complete it
        And Romeo’s have similar notion of Love if not exact ! What say ?

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      2. Romeo ‘s notions are always tangent. Haha. And Hence gals have lost interest in dreaming fairy tales. Becuz they have come to terms with reality. Hahaha. That love is shit and only fantasy. Atleast I can say from my experience.

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      3. As you believe as your own self.
        But that’s not true and not a great way to think.

        You cannot impose one person’s doing on a enter superset. Likewise you cannot for once just consider that something that happened is a universal deed.

        We are humans and we make mistakes. Life is all about how we deal with it.

        Well I would suggest you read few of my posts because the answers are all in there. If however you may want you can comment here itself I will be more than happy to provide an alternative view.

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  1. What’s with the music effect ?
    Did you try to use some mixers or was it recorded naturally, can’t get it clearly the echo is disturbing.

    The country music n simplicity is lost!

    I made 100% effort to listen to your voice in all that interference and lot of words I came to know existed after listening to you.

    I bet I listened to TSwift more than u do πŸ˜‰

    High hopes
    Please can you record without any echo or mixer
    Simply your voice and karaoke if u would like, i believe it would sound better.

    Don’t want to discourage or something just honestly felt like letting you know.

    The glare and the flare lasts only for minutes,
    The real sunshine and moonlight lasts forever !

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  2. This should be up on YouTube, Pratyu!! ❀ ❀ This is the very first song I ever heard of our Taylor. And … I never thought I'd say this, but now here is a girl to overpower her voice in this song. My God! I kept listening to it over and over again and couldn't get enough of it! How beautifully you sing! ❀ I love singing to Taylor's karaokes' too but I can never reach the clarity, soprano and rhythm you have mastered so stunningly. Your voice alone is epic, there is no need of echoes, okay? A huge round of applause!! You sing this in a concert, baby, and all the guys will ignore every other girl πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ So enchanting and beautiful!! Rock on, my darling Pratyu! You are amazing! ❀

    P.S. Can you please do Blank Space and Style? πŸ˜€ Your voice will bash them too and since just imagining your cover is awesome, I would like to hear the original version πŸ˜‰ Sing them when you get time ❀

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    1. OMG OMG!!! Your comment is so overwhelming darling. You just lit up my face with a gleaming smile and happiness. This has made my day !!!! Love you loads for all this love and encouragement. Yes, will definitely do Blank Space πŸ™‚ muahhhhhhhh. Never knew I could be this happy !!!!

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  3. I am mesmerized I heard it about 10 times…love you sissy….you must do something and be famous…more people should hear your voice….this was my favorite song…and now I think I love your version better.
    you have your own style….really everyone who heard your voice loved it…
    this love story was different from taylor swift’s I am sure if taylor swift ever get to hear this she will turn red out of envy….
    I feel really honored to be your sister…
    I am trying to download but It is not being downloaded

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    1. Awwww baby!! Love you so much !!!! Muahhh. Don’t worry. I will share the song personally πŸ™‚ even I am honoured to be your sister, who is so lovable, adorable and cute. Mostly with a big humble heart. πŸ™‚

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