Welcome to the Mid 20’s Crisis (# A to Z Challenge)

“Welcome to the real world; it sucks…you gonna love it!!!!!”
“Welcome to the real world; it sucks…you gonna love it!!!!!”

Lets face the facts; we have reached an age of where we are legally considered adults. It’s a True story of every Indian in Mid 20’s.

Since our inception into this world, a warmth hand held my nibble fingers to walk us through the plains and potholes. Not letting off the hook, afraid! That I may fall off the hook that said, “We trust you, but we don’t trust the world.”

Our parents drill down and cater to every basic and other necessities of life to man us up with equipped value systems and morals as a survival instinct in this cruel world. And help us define the initial understanding of rights and wrongs.

Mid 20’s Era:

As we grow older, what I precisely call the mid 20’s. It’s an era of educated and professional individuals living an independent life. As time pass by, we mould our experiences to design our own set of beliefs, perception and opinions of the world and society in general trending with the current generations. Believe me, it’s “The Clash’s Of the Titans” (Rather Era). It’s the generation gap we fail to resolve and understand between the mid 20’s and 50’s.

Moreover the paradigm and dynamics change in the family. We are held up with constant efforts to deal with parent’s emotional and financial dependencies, & most importantly with old age/retirement insecurities. As kids, we are torn apart between doing things that make family happy over things that make you happy. It’s a phase of frustration, where we adults are still treated as kids and barred from taking important decisions of our life.

It’s an era of misunderstandings, where the elders of the family negate our thoughts and opinions, as they think we are still kids. A continuous hike in parent’s expectations from their descendants on life, and when those expectations drip down slowly, leads to constant unpleasant arguments, disappointment among parents and their wards.

It’s high time we let the fingers be detached from the grip and aspire to live & stay independently. Try to fight wars against life with a one man’s army. Take life on with swishing swords to rise up after every fall. Trust me! That’s how and what life is all about. You are solely responsible for all the decisions taken in life. No decision would be right or wrong. But explains a simple fact, not all decisions didn’t work in your favor. It only teaches you to grow with each and every experience. My friends, welcome to the circus!

No one is right or wrong. It is the change in perception and attitude that has to be dealt with.

As Monica Geller says “Welcome to the real world; it sucks…you gonna love it!!!!!”


32 thoughts on “Welcome to the Mid 20’s Crisis (# A to Z Challenge)

  1. parents should respect their child’s decision.. instead they give big emotional blackmailing advice.. your words are so true..it touched my heart.. and mainly last line from friends ..Life sucks but you love it..thank you so much for writing so much inspiration post for kids(fod parents) in 20’s

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  2. You were 100 percent right when you said that no decision is right and no decision is wrong. It is all about the choices we make, they work well at times and sometimes they don’t.

    I won’t say I can relate to it, that would be a very general statement. But this does makes me think about a lot of things.

    *Slowly moving towards mid 20s*

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  3. Wonderful, just wonderful…thank you for taking the time to share your deep and thoughtful perspective…you help others to unravel some of the mysteries that are but shadows until dragged out into the light…I believe, as do you, that we are meant to find and travel our own paths–and we do ourselves a disservice if we, unquestioningly, follow the directions of those who think they have all the answers…again, thank you for your generosity of spirit and for a fantastic post 🙂

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    1. OMG !! That’s like a great compliment to me. Truly overwhelmed by your appreciation. I am really glad that you took the time out to read this and give such a wonderful response to my post 🙂

      You indeed made my day 🙂

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      1. You have indeed made my day. 🙂
        They are genuine and honest comments. I was having a shitty weekend. You just made it better and something to look forward to !!!


  4. I am not mid twenties yet..but still I can relate so well….how well I can relate to this sentence
    “We trust you, but we don’t trust the world.”….
    I hear it on everyday basis…..
    every word I agree my sis….every word is true

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      1. I’ve read two posts.. Title Se hee samaj aajata hain Pratyusha! But I’m like really?
        Har jagah bas ye challenge hee chal raha hain.. It’s so time consuming, isn’t it?

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  5. Hehe. If u get at least 2 hrs per day to write. It can be achieved. Unfortunately for me, returning from office 11. Managed to write few days. But later gave up. Anyways I am glad I at least tried 🙂 And I know I can and could have done it 🙂


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