Give me a reason to hate you (# A to Z Challenge)


Days merge into nights
As I sit here with no one but myself
Loneliness looming over the room
Like a dark rain cloud
Making me claustrophobic;
Thoughts, so palpable,
Swirl around you
A tornado sucking the life out of me;
No one speaks
No one but a voice
My companion of late;
Tells me something
Which makes no sense
And all the sense in the world;
β€œYour love story was a fantasy,
Of unmade promises and false hopes”;
I let the thought linger for a while
Willing it to correct itself
But, it corrects not;
The day when you will be
A memory and nothing more
Seems far and unreal;
To deconstruct the future
I ever so fondly built,
To wade through my life,
A life sans you,
To help me breathe again,
Give me a reason
To hate you, my love.

PS : This is a heart touch poem from a guest blogger “Karthik” from the blog “Powerful Overflow“. Do check out his lovely blog πŸ™‚
They say “there is no form to love”. Can never define and deny enough, but i guess this is love. Pure at heart with brotherly care and respect! In no time, he has become part of my small world and surely is family!

He is an amazing writer, humble human being and the best brother I can ever have!!. Love you loads Kensiee! Thanks for being the guest blogger and decorating my blog with your beautiful words on a short notice.



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