All of Me – Song 4 (# A to Z Challenge)

Hello Peeps,

Hope you guys are geared up for the A to Z Challenge. Here’s the first post of the challenge. All the best and hope you guys will survive it all.

Love is the best feeling in this world. And John Legend’s version of All of Me explicitly depicts this feeling in a way inexpressible.

So here it goes, this is my version of “All of Me”


69 thoughts on “All of Me – Song 4 (# A to Z Challenge)

  1. John Legend has poured his heart into this song and you poured your voice into it. Both bring life to the song and in every phase of life this song plays to the rythms and when it is all blues nothing is soothing than the song played in the background and you muse in the couch.

    Your song is flawless and your voice is beautiful. Thanks for sharing !

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      1. Yes I have all the time in world to appreciate nature and work of art !
        Be ready to be overwhelmed everytime you post about some good topic or your cover songs

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