Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons
Angels & Demons

Raging wars,
Of mind and heart,
Caught in weblike maze,
Of inner voices,
Arguing amonst themselves,

Just like the angels and the demons
Whether to be naughty or innocent..?

Can you tell who should win the war ?
Because I am clueless….



28 thoughts on “Angels & Demons

      1. but we do favour our demons and yield to it….because the way it takes it much better and easier than righteous angel……but after sometime we regret……this something we get to face every time……I really loved your poem… is true….

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  1. Ah well…who determines who is an Angel and who is a Demon? In the past many classed as Demons would be classed as Angels today. We fight a lifelong battle between doing enough to conform and not so much that we lose ourselves…that is the battle that I continue to experience. x

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    1. It’s the same old story.
      Confused in defining what is right or what is wrong :).

      What mind says seems logical and practical. What heart speaks is an emotion. It’s in the weak moments, that heart tries to overpower the mind. At times, what you are left with is a confusion. Pretty much what’s happening in my mind.


      1. I guess I don’t really know at what level you are defining right and wrong…much of what is right and wrong is defined by our society and is right for a harmonious collective….but societies change and move on and so do the rules of right and wrong…I guess in a longwinded way I’m saying make sure that you are living to the right rules and not ones that maybe outdated or wrong. The core of whats right and wrong is what is effective for your happiness and allows you to live harmoniously within your family and society….its what’s right for you in that context. Forgive me if this is completely out of context.

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      2. No no, pretty much answers all my doubts and questions.

        And very well said. Doing right is what makes you happy and live harmoniously with family and society.

        Thank you so much 🙂

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