If I disappeared?

If I disappeared?

She pushed me away,
Bargaining time for her solitude,
and said, “rest your wish”

Yes, I wish.

To push my back,
against your built walls,
And break your confined boundaries of the hearts,
So as to be your leaning shoulder,
In good and bad times,

To wait by your side,
and grab hold of your shivering hand,
In the dark,
and whisper with soothing words,
“everything will be alright”

Be the twin cacoon bud,
To pull you out of hibernation,
When scared to peep out,
at the illegitimate world,
and Help you spread the wings,
To show the world,
“How beautiful your colors are!”

Divided by distance,
Yet connected by the hearty ties,
Of love and memories of friendship,
Searching for your shadow,
In the dark,
With cues to solve the treasure hunt
Of your whereabouts..

Where have you been?



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