You are beautiful..

Smile because you are beautiful inside and out
Smile because you are beautiful inside and out

He glided his fingers
on her naked frame,
relishing the soft touch
With panting breath,
Her body moved in rhyme,
With goosebumps
to the soft touch of music,

She eased the chains of restrain
and smiled,
When he caressedΒ  her sweet pain,
Of soul and mind,
pleasing her aura,
And Reaching for her heart,

Her reflection in his eyes,
preached love and not lust,
appreciating a woman’s beauty
To teach her to love herself,
Her body and soul,
She looks deep into his heart,
Which said with an echo, “You are beautiful”

Shying away her fears,
and she charged beyond,
her self doubts,
Of appearances and soul,
Under the shadow of his love,
She blooms into a flower never seen..
And loving herself more than ever..

She laughed and spoke to her mirrored images which said,
“You are beautiful and Lame”.


47 thoughts on “You are beautiful..

  1. The soft touch of music, making her body move in rhyme.. the reflections in his eyes and the tacit promises being made.. every line you have written here blossoms with purity and passion. Especially loved the innocent and lame smile on her lips that is being share by all your readers here πŸ™‚

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