3 Challenges Rule

It’s a tad bit late to talk about resolutions. Is it or not?

I believe resolutions are all about the mind game. There is never a good time to prepare a To Do List for 2016.

Most of us don’t adhere  to the written promises made to ourselves since they are not achievable or lack passion to take it further.

3 Challenges Rule:

Human needs and wishes are never satisfied. We dream big, but unfortunately never realise them due to unspoken time constraints and fears. It is the fear of failure or the fear of negative outcomes. Never be afraid to try before quitting on your dreams.

This thought had inspired me, to forge across the ocean of fears. To fight the biggest fears, “fear of failure”. An attempt to conceptualise the 3 Challenges rule to fight my worst fears.

How you go about doing it?

1) Failures and fears
2) Dreams
3) Self development

This will help to develop a plan of action to cater to the above aspects. Always maintain a dairy/ notepad to pen down the challenges to take up for the next day. Like workout plans, or learning a new thing or a song Etc.

As rightly mentioned, sharing is caring. Involving your mentor / inspirer / influencer  to track your daily challenges, helps you stay accountable and responsible towards your goals. This keeps you tuned and motivated throughout.

These are short term goals to make you a better person tomorrow. A small ropeway to attain objectives to benefit at long term.

My To Do List :

1) To overcome stage fear:
As mentioned in my earlier posts, I suffer from nervous breakdowns on stage while performing. Soon to start posting recording songs on blog (or create a youtube channel). Would also perform more often on stage to overcome my fears.

2) Health is Wealth:
No point setting goals, when health is nowhere to support you. I currently cycle 10 km everyday. Hopefully to push myself with proper workout plans. Thanks to Pixieannie for valuable and insightful tips on workouts. Will definitely try implement them in my life.

3) A read a day, keeps me happy everyday: I maybe caught up in my daily errands at work and home. But make sure to read atleast 10 pages of a novel everyday.

4) Help :
A world with lost humanity and care. It’s time to revive humane emotions and actions in people. It’s time to think of “Us” and not just “I”. This world is not just about helping yourselves but others around you as well. Help indeed spreads a smile of joy and satisfaction. You end up feeling good about yourselves in the act of giving. You never know, it may come back to you someday.

Love what you do…
Do what you love…
Whatever that makes you happy.

Never detach from that happiness, because that’s what keeps you going. This is definately my road plan for self development to achieve a happy life.

Everything I do, is to
Live more…
Smile more…
Help more…
So what’s your road plan?



10 thoughts on “3 Challenges Rule

  1. Hi Prats, I have looking to raise my game this year. And has similarities to yours…I think 🙂

    1. Manage My Fears
    2. Manage My Energy
    3. Decide what I really Want in all areas of my life. Create an action Plan to achieve.
    4. Action and do this consistently

    Simple but…it’s not of course. The devil is in the detail and doing it every day but I’m working through it.
    I feel that I now have the energy at least to consider it and that is a step forward.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Hi,

      That’s amazing. This challenge has really helped a lot. Do try it, hope it will you as well. We Definitely have similarities. 🙂

      It’s seems simple but difficult to be consistent in our actions. I would love to hear from you, as to how you gonna take it up. 🙂
      If you dont mind, can you share your Email id ?


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