100+ :)

100+ and more to go...

Happyness is blogging!!! πŸ™‚

Who am I ?
Call me a water droplet?
or a dew drop?
falling into the ocean,
to make name for myself,

Lost in my under waters,
to put life to words,
with a rush of adrenaline,
and tap untouched thoughts,
Of mine & plenty hearts,

When heart fails to act,
Here I am, penning my expression;
on blank sheets with sea urchin’s ink,
to show hidden reality & truth,
Of my heart through poetry..

surrounded by deserving writers,
who drift me to travel in thoughts,
with their inspiring reads,
Makes me feel undeserving to be part of them,
yet overwhelming to be appreciated! πŸ™‚

I touch 100+ followers today.
Taking this opportunity to thank everyone who have liked and appreciated my work through follows and likes.
And also to all of them who have visited & viewed my blog.
Hope to keep you all engaged with my poetry and prose. Happy blogging !!!!

Pratyusha K


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