Deep Slumbers

As I rest my head,
On the soft feathers,
filled with comfort,
regain my senses,
By draining my concerns,
And drag myself with wings,
to the honey combed heavenly chambers,

Where sweet dreams are a reality,
hidden under the blanket of imagination,
wearing sweet bliss of innocence,
while resting in deep slumbers,
and drifting me to unknown world’s,

But Alas! The slumbers wind up,
with an abrupt end & scared thoughts,
to wake up in a disappointment,
of unfulfilled dreams,
and unravel the truths,
that imagination or a dream can never,
Be a reality….

Pratyusha K.


21 thoughts on “Slumbers..

      1. That’s cool. I often have these dreams when I watch some horror thing on TV. and I thank GOD when I just come out of them…Thank GOD it was just a dream.

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      2. Happens !
        The only dream I get often is, I falling from heights. I keep falling and there is no landing. 😛 that kind of wakes me up. I would like to understand the interpretation of dreams. Quite an interesting subject of discussion 🙂

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