Prose 2 # Whispering memories of black and white

Whispering memories of black and white

She looked torn apart in the war against life. Her innocence was lost in freckles and folds on her cheeks, telling me of her age. Those shrinking eyes, tired and gloomy with the lost spark of joy. She stood alone in the empty lobby with zero sign of presence and sighing with her chappy lips. Glancing in hesitation for familiar faces in the garden across the lobby, but there were none. Left with the sight of lonely swing looking stunned with no laughter’s.

All she could see was emptiness.!

Knock ! Knock !

Hello ? Is anybody there? She spoke in the brink of silence, and looked at the closed door with no signs of life. Forging through the door, opening slowly in anticipation and followed by the squeaky noises of the rusted hinge.

Just as she entered, her visions spinning back to the black and white. It felt like the ride on the time machine to the past. She saw someone she knew from the past. A small girl with two braids and ribbons. Her sense of fashion was fittingly in trends. Belonged to a different universe called ‘Child-o-Planet”, where innocence was its foundation.

A world of endless laughs and horror gigs at the sundown with the power cuts. Wanderlust at untouched forests and drenched in wet mud dirt. Built forts out of broken bricks and treasure hunt games. Running like there is no tomorrow under the empty sky and muddy puddles. Joy in pulling herself up even after 100 falls in gliding and riding.

She runs carefree in this world,
Nothing to loose or worry,
No guilt or hatred,
Being good or bad,
She was curious to grow old in quest for freedom,
In search for answers,
about the world and herself.
Just to form an opinion of the world.

Out of the blue she heard whispers in her head.
“Hello? Is anybody there?” in a familiar tone. Waking her up from subconscious mind. She realised, those were the whispering memories of her childhood in black and white.

Flying with time never realised “where did those years go?”
Now! that the quest ends, she wishes to go back to the whispering memories of the black and white.

Pratyusha K.

This is one of my favourites. Would like to get back to my childhood days.
For sure, best days of my life.
Growing up sucks! :/
Do let me know your thoughts. You can share your childhood memories too 🙂

12 thoughts on “Prose 2 # Whispering memories of black and white

  1. One of your best till date.. Reminds me of the Marathi poem Lahanpan de ga deva, mungi sakhrecha rava..Meaning God plz bring back those childhood days.. The same way as an ant searches for sugar I am searching for it…:)

    Liked by 1 person

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