There is always more to Nothing…

There is always more to Nothing!
There is always more to Nothing!

Life in a turmoil,
Blown by the feisty winds in the deserts,
delusions created by oasis,
With no escape routes,
but left to stay back in the cacoon,
Not much to say or hear,
But dealing with dustmites in her head,

Diving into the depths Of a silent sea,
Looks calm from outside,
But Caught in a cyclone inside,
drowning into introspection,
Not much to cry or pry,
But dealing with the cyclones inside her head,

Looking at the mirror,
blurry images of past,
Pondering into the present,
Caught in a fulcrum between two sides,
Not much to look or hide,
But dealing with past images inside her head…

Shows herself strong,
frm outside,
Yet consumed in weak thoughts
from inside,
She needs no help to deal with her internal storms,

When asked, “what is wrong?”

She sighs loudly,
Resting thoughts to slumber,
And she chooses to say, “Nothing”

Pratyusha K.

Dedicated to all the woman out there. Hiding storms inside and yet being strong.

There is always a story behind a “Nothing”. Let me know your thoughts

#nothing #strong


17 thoughts on “There is always more to Nothing…

      1. Your welcome. Im new to blogging and i was wondering if you could see if my blog has been posted. Im not asking you to read it I just want to make sure its up for people to see at least haha

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  1. Dedicated to all the woman out there. Hiding storms inside and yet being strong.

    I have loved all of the women in my life, starting with my lovely mother who is 80.

    I love the beauty of women
    Their feline movement and grace
    I could watch them forever as
    Emotions move across their face

    I have to say though that their storms were never hidden…I was blown over by quite a few…:-)

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  2. If I hear the words “nothing”….you are right…it definitely means that there is something.
    Why do we say nothing when there is something? Do we believe that we are not worthy to say something?….or that the other person will not understand?….or does not want to understand? Are we not able to express ourselves clearly….sometimes there is something wrong but it is difficult to express or only half processed inside and you want to wait until it is more clear.

    Yes…there is is much more behind the words “nothing”. As you can see…very thought provoking. Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts with me.

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    1. We don’t share, when we are still introspecting.
      We don’t share, fearing others won’t understand you and end up judging us.
      We don’t share, maybe we wish to be silent and let silence speak our heart out…
      Thanks for visiting my universe as well. πŸ™‚

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  3. I don’t let many people in
    To share my thoughts within
    And I still can’t understand
    The feelings I can’t command
    And the dark chains that bind
    Below the Waterline
    (from The Waterline by Thus.I .Wrote)

    Forgive me for posting this excerpt here but it is to prove a point rather than advertise. On re-reading your poem, there is a lot more in it and very good imagery (diving into a silent sea, cyclones in your head etc.). It resonated with me and reminded me of similar thoughts I had that I wrote in a poem called the Waterline. About this thoughts that hide inside ourselves and how fearful we are of seeing what looks like an unordered, fearful mess.

    It is beautiful and what makes it beautiful is that it allows us to share with other people who have their own similar things below their own Waterline. We are not alone.

    I guess I just want to acknowledge what you are saying and that how you feel is felt by many (me especially) and that you are not alone and that your poem has reached out to touch (me especially) and make a difference.

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    1. I am glad, there are many others who are able to relate to this. That’s one thing I realised, the thoughts I have expressed through my poems. There are people who are able to relate to it. Thanks for expressing your view. Makes me understand others perception πŸ™‚

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