Who are you?

A gods creation,
But with a monstrous mask;
As a result of insanity,
tainted beliefs and facts,
That look in the eyes,
Blood red with rage,
and hidden intentions,
of destruction with weapons,
Tearing the world apart.

You are like tsunami,
When forgotten about your existence,
Hitting hard,
again and yet again,
waging war against innocent lives,
To strike the fear in our hearts,
And stab us to bleed,
in the names of religion,
leaving us with a scar behind,
beyond repair..

Trying to bring down,
the tower of love and peace,
to disrupt the harmony,
In the city of Paris,
Harder you try to pin down humanity,
Stronger we stand united,
For peace,
For love,
For harmony..
To make the good win over the evil…..

#PrayforParis #PrayforPeace

Pratyusha K.


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