Prose 1 # one early morning..

Dive into those blue lagoon like eyes..
Dive into those blue lagoon like eyes..

As I wake up,
watching you curled and wearing an innocent smile.
Maybe mesmerised by beautiful dreams.
Visibly fresh and young blood flowing under your skin.
paints you with cherry like blush.

A peek inside, look at you! resting like a golden egg in her secret nest,
makes me want to playfully,
slide my lips on your pulpy cheeks.
Hesitating to touch your warm skin.
To avoid the startle with my cold and bare fingers.

Gliding down my fingers through your brown shiny hair,
to straighten the ruffled strands,
and dive into those blue lagoon like eyes,
opening up to the first rays of the sun.
Glowing brighter than the star.
Makes me wonder if she were the brightest star on the planet
or the sun herself?

You hold my finger reassuringly, pleased with my presence.
standing there awestruck, hearing you babble in your half sleep.
Making funny baby noises, with naughty laughs,
Sudden first calls,Of “Mama” ,
rugged and unclear.
Kindles motherly affection through my eyes,
Hopes ignited to reiterate the “sudden calls”
realisation dawns upon me,
That this embarks a new long journey of motherhood!
Learning and growing along with you as a mother,
Of “being called as mother” to “be a mother”


This is definitely one of the most happiest moment of a mother.
love you mom 🙂
Let me know your thoughts on my first prose 🙂

23 thoughts on “Prose 1 # one early morning..

  1. On first reading this, I was under the impression you were referring to a lover and it was only as I read further that I realised you were in fact referring to a child. That’s simply my interpretation and purely subjective. However, a most beautiful and honest piece.

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