First move..

Making the first move, does it make any difference?
Making the first move, does it make any difference?

Shy to break the ice,
waiting for cues.
And holding back with muddled thoughts,
with fear of outcomes,
of not being in your favour.

Walking with flustered steps,
to take leap of faith,
in being a better person,
Be the first to make a move.

Be the first to apologise,
even when not at fault,
saving a bond for years,
Being a bigger person.

Be the first to share a smile,
a great way,
to make other’s day,
Being the reason for others joy mile.

Be the first to be a helping hand,
reaching out to the needy,
with an act of kindness,
Being remembered forever.

Be the first to express love,
forging beyond self doubt,
can be a start of a new love story?
Being loved till the end.

You never know what life can offer,
for being the “FIRST”
All you gain is
a friend..
a well wisher,
a giver,
a lover,
a wonderful relationship,
and a contentful life.

You make the first step towards the world,
And the world will take 100 steps to reach out to you…

Pratyusha K.

Here’s to my 25th post. Can say celebrating my silver jubilee. 😛
Happiness is blogging. Do let me know guys what do you think about it :).
Enjoy!! Cheers!!

14 thoughts on “First move..

  1. Just beautiful.. Made me think real hard! Whatever happens happens.. Might as well make the first move and take control of your destiny!


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