In my eyes….

Deep in my eyes, you can see my present and my future....that is you!!
Deep in my eyes, you can see my present and my future….that is you!!

With a strange love story,
Virtually seen in fairy tales,
Hidden for ages,
In my words & thoughts,
Written with invisible ink
In my eyes,

Touching pure souls,
Trying to reach for your hand,
To feel the warmth of your love,
And peace in your hug,
But left with hugging memories,
In my eyes,

You are being missed,
Even when one call away,
Re- running conversations,
To feel your presence,
& Keep you alive,
In my eyes,

Reading your unspoken words,
My heart speaking your thoughts,
I become your expression,
And action,
Even before you say,
In my eyes,

Now that you are here,
Not holding back the happy tears,
Longing to be in your arms,
For your warmth,
For your hug
To hear our heart beat as one…

Pratyusha K.

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