Love to Stare…

Love to stare

As I stood at the bay,
With you with my hands around,
Staring with love at the waves gushing with grace,
Reliving your graceful smile of the day,

As the sun moves in dimlight,
brought some more love in me,
As I look at the moonlit night,
Hugging you tight,
Staring with love the twinkling beauty of the moon.

A pearl in the form of tear,
Started to flow down my cheeks,
A kiss by you,
Reminds me of your gleaming eyes,
Staring at me with wonder.

As the wind blows,
Staring with love,
Your hair running with the wind,
And we trying to entangle it with our bare fingers,
As i stood staring at the wild flowers,
Floating with waves,
Staring with love,
complimenting us,
With the bright colours of joy and happiness,
Reminds me of intoxicating fragrance of love,

As i stand at any part of the world,
Your love, fragrance and spotless beauty of the moon,
Reminds me of you…..

You are the dream I love to stare,
You being a love,
I have for entire life……..

Pratyusha K.


Happiness is blogging !!!.

This is my 20th post on my blog. Let me know your thoughts πŸ™‚

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