A Spotted Goof!!!..

A Spotted Goof! All Lost & Aloof!
A Spotted Goof! All Lost & Aloof!

Driving in the dusky forests,
And accompanied by Dark Boulevard,
Suddenly got Intruded by an unexpected visitor,
All Lost & Aloof!
Right there! Clinging to the slippery windows,
A reptile! A spotted Goof!!

Casting enlarged shadows on the interiors,
Watching it inhale and exhale,
Gives cold creeps on my exteriors,
Makes me wanna send it on exile!!

Sitting franticly,
And watch it stare outside,
Looking at it move hastily,
And grabbing its hold onto the inside,

Web like legs slipping,
Perplexed, a gape so gripping,
Does it crave food?
Does it want to be freed?

Those glittering eyes, striking with fear,
Drawing boundaries and warnings,
For trespassers to come nowhere near,
Attacks guided by instincts and actions,

I Stood there horrified,
Shivering to act,
With brain and hands tied,
& frozen to react….

Finally it dawned upon me,
Mirroring our fears,
I am no different than the goof,
Enclosed and protecting myself from dangers,
All Lost and aloof..

Pratyusha K.

Some content on this page was disabled on August 30, 2017 as a result of a DMCA takedown notice from Phil Cawley Photography. You can learn more about the DMCA here:



14 thoughts on “A Spotted Goof!!!..

      1. Had it been me, I’da smacked him dead
        Lucky for him you wrote a ballad instead
        But don’t let it get to his head
        On other windows, still careful he should tread.

        Dang I’m on a roll.


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