A Full Moon Night….

Being wish full to encounter it every day
Being wish full to encounter it every day

The mighty silver Moon,
Looking Serene with perfections and imperfections,
Casting it’s impressions on the tarns,
With silver rays of light,
Making its way through the pines,
Tapping the sparkling stars and night flares,
And blooming with glee,
under the blue smokey blanket…..

Down the marshy hilly slopes,
Moon flowers spread across,
Endlessly till the horizon,
Wrapped in thin crystallized dew drops,
Making them twinkle like stars,
And dancing to the beats of the wind,
Resembling to the sky full of stars…..

Silence broken by the,
Rustling noises of the grass,
Eerie and Raspy calls of the owls,
Happy chirping of the crickets,
Baboons alighted on elevated branches of pines,
Staring intently at the silent nights,
Hiding from the dark shadows,
and roars of the night.

Shiny thin crust of ice on the lake,
Isolating the under water world,
Bald Eagles trying to break open the ice,
In search of its prey,
Penguins swimming in and out,
Skating on the slippery ice.
Breaking the solitude.

Surrounded by steep mountains,
With glowing silver mountain snowcaps,
Mirroring itself on the standstill waters,
Making the shades of the watery ice intense and green,
Towering through the sky,
Trying to shake a peak with the moon to welcome him,

As I watch, the Moon shying away,
Fading itself to make way ,
For the brightful day,
Biding goodbye only,
With A promise to return again,
As a light of enlightment,
Even  in the daylight and ,
Even in the darkness of the nightfall…..

Pratyusha K.

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