Getting back on Wheels..

Getting back on Wheels

Getting back on wheels,
Feels like heaven,
Reliving childhood memories,
Wearing carefree laughter,
Long rides in the rains,
Liberating me with Happiness,
Makes me wanna groove to the beats of the rains,

Getting back on wheels,
Exploring the unexplored,
Looking at the stary nights,
Having greeted by the rains,
With shiny drops of pearls on my face,
Makes my adrenaline to race,

Getting back on wheels,
Don’t know right or wrong,
but paddling to the lanes,
Where destiny finds it’s games,
And being wanderlust on the streets,
Where I learned to live,
Life on a fast track,

Definitely Getting back on wheels,
But disappeared are those childhood streets,
With fading smiles,
Travelling to an unknown destination,
And a journey never ending,
With twisted turns,
Which are known, Yet Unknown!!!

Pratyusha K.


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