Monsoon Walk..

Monsoon Love

I sit by your side at the balcony,
Holding hands and kissing cheeks,
With a glass of coffee,
To savour the first monsoon,
First rain in arms,

As you moved your hand,
Around my neck,
Feels like the first kiss,
Pouring down the neck,

I take you by surprise,
by bringing you close,
Guiding to the cavana,
With your eyes closed,

I saw your face,
by the bright candle,
Shining like a golden flower,
We dance the empty streets,
hand in hand,
On the romantic beats of rain droplets,

As we look into each others eyes,
I can see my reflection grow old in your eyes,

You are the one, I would share all the seasons with,
A promise to abide by forever,
A treasure to cherish lifelong,
And you are the dream that came true….

Pratyusha K.


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