First Kiss…

The Soul, The Kiss, The Heart. The first words of Love....
The Soul, The Kiss, The Heart. The first words of Love….

Driving under sky so bright,
With a full moon night,
Sitting under a tree,
Looking at our reflection,
At the lake,
A view so perfect,
With the racing heart beats,
Felt the moment was right,

He caressed my forehead,
Drawing me closer to him,
Locking me tight with his bare hands,
Under the shade of his,
Warmth and love,

Looks lovingly into my eyes,
Melts my heart like butter,
His warm lips touch my forehead,
Releasing soft tingling butterflies,

Heading our way back,
Dancing with romance,
Warmth and brightness of his body,
Driving me closer like a moth,
Softly places his hand on mine,
Resting on the gear box,

Feeling attracted like a magnet,
Warm breath striking my neck,
Fondling with my hair,
Tingles my body with heavy breath,

His warm lips touch mine,
Feels like water droplets,
Sliding through my lips,
Mistletoe in my head,
Drives me crazy,

Perfect first kiss,
Longing for a rewind,
To recapture the moment,
Lost in seconds,
Yet will engrave in my heart forever…..

Pratyusha K.


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